David Schwencke

We're the one call your phone company hopes you won't make. We're Full Service Network and we'll make your telephone and internet service better and save you money.

I'm David Schwencke, President and founder of Full Service Network. I started the Company while attending the University of Pittsburgh.

Since those early struggling days, my company has matured to become one of the most successful facilities based telephone and internet carriers in Pennsylvania and we are still growing.

Born as a product of competition out of the AT&T divestiture, Full Service Network was originally a long distance reseller serving only business accounts.  Over the course of the last three decades we have installed our own network and have extended our savings plans on to consumers.

We’ve been a pioneer in telecommunications industry advocating competition and change throughout Pennsylvania. Now, a full grown carrier, Full Service Network offers a complete range of services including Gigabit+ Metro Ethernet Internet Access and hosted business phone solutions.

At Full Service Network you get the absolute best customer service in the industry
from a knowledgeable, personable staff of professionals that live and work in your community. Unlike others who move jobs from Pittsburgh, we like it here and we plan to stay!

Locally owned and operated, we do it all with the same up-to-the-minute fiber optic technology used by the other guys.  Although they would like you to believe their networks are superior, they aren’t.

Better service at a better price combined with years of experience is the reason Full Service Network has been singled out as one of the most solid, successful, fastest growing telecommunications companies in the region.  It’s also the reason our competition hopes you never talk to us.

David E. Schwencke
President and CEO
Full Service Network